Saturday, December 28, 2013

Explanation of Review Scale

No game is reviewed by The Nintendo 64 Museum without first being conquered by The Curator.
The Nintendo 64 Museum firmly believes that the best scale ever adapted for video game review belonged to the original Reviews were broken into sections dedicated to "Presentation," "Graphics," "Sound," "Gameplay," and "Replay Value." These were each graded on a decimal scale out of ten, followed by an additional final score that was not an average of the previous four scores. The Nintendo 64 Museum follows relatively close to that model and form, and also follows the original tenet of giving an average game a score of seven, as opposed to a score of five.
A key difference is that each Nintendo 64 game is only reviewed in comparison to all other Nintendo 64 games. In other words, a game with the greatest achieved Nintendo 64 graphics would receive a "Graphics" score of 10. This does not mean to say the graphics are the greatest seen on any system, simply the greatest seen on the Nintendo 64.
These reviews exist in the undisturbed halls of history.

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