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The Curator's Original 1997 Nintendojo Review of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Originally published on Nintendojo, taken from the Nintendo 64 Museum Archives

Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Reader Review
Game Review
Reader Review

Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter Reader Review
by Jon Maclane
For anyone who watched Jurassic Park and wanted to see Jeff Goldblum suddenly yank out an AK-47 and blow some velociraptors to shreds, your dream has come true. Acclaim has made one of the greatest shooters ever. If not for a few little(well, big) problems, this could be right up there with Goldeneye.
It would probably be better to get the bad stuff out of the way first.
1.The Fog- If this was Turok: The London Dinosaur Hunter, perhaps this would be explainable. In my opinion, 85% of the problems in this game stem from the fog. I don't mean off in the distance. I mean can't see 25 feet in front of you fog. It's very good that Acclaim made each of the levels about 5 square miles large, but when you can't see the cliffside 10 steps ahead of you and everything starts to look the same after 2 straight hours of playing the same me, this is not a good thing.
2. There is no crosshair- With the great death animations that were made it stinks that you get no crosshair to help you aim for the head or stomach that you are about to blow away.
Now for the good.
1. Sound- The sound is great. You can hear monkeys, cougars, and God Knows what screaming off in the background which gives very good effect. There is always a nice drum beat going on in the background which adds to the suspense. The raptor squeals and screams of pain from the humans you kill are also good.
2. Graphics- The dinosaurs all look great as well do the buildings and castles.(Well, what you can see of them) When you shoot something, blood gushes everywhere and on the wall behind it. The death animations are fantastically disgusting. When you hit someone in the neck, blood spurts out. When you hit someone in the stomach, they fall to the ground and push their bodies back as they gurgle blood everywhere. If some idiot is riding a triceratops, blow the triceratops away and watch as it falls on and crushes the poor schmuck riding it.
3. The weapons- missile launchers, pistols, machine guns, lasers, etc... You start with your knife and trusty Tek Bow and work your way up from there. There are about 10 weapons in all, and I am happy to say that they are all very, very nice.
4. The controls- Though awkward at first, the controls will soon grow on you. For whatever reason, the control stick is used to look around, and the c buttons are used to move. R to jump. As usual, the trusty Z button is the trigger button.
Even though this is a downside, I decided to save this for last. This game has almost zero replay value. After you beat a level, almost all of the enemies are gone, so there is no use to play it again. Worst of all, there is no save unless you have a memory pack. So if you don't, make sure that you get all of the level warp cheats from this website, or you are going to get severely angry and perhaps throw things.
So overall this is a definite rental, but you may want to think twice before you buy it.
Reviewed by Jon Maclane, Nintendojo Reader
Game Review
Overall Rating: 8 out of 10
-awesome weapons
-nice death animations
-swell graphics
-big levels
-good atmosphere
-nice music

-no crosshair
-no replay value
-no multiplayer

1 Player(s)

Cartridge/Disk Size: 8 MB

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