Saturday, December 28, 2013

About the Nintendo 64 Museum

The Nintendo 64 was the first video game system to provide full three-dimensional gaming to the masses. While other previous systems sometimes explored the idea, the Nintendo 64 existed to explore it. The Nintendo 64 paved the way for gaming as we know it today, whenever "today" might be. Of course, the system had its limitations, but the greatest game developers overcame these, then explored the very limits of three-dimensional gaming itself. Because of these particular developers' accomplishments, the Nintendo 64 is also the system that perfected three-dimensional gaming. While the games of "today" might have better graphics and sound, the finest ones are only attempting to match the high levels of gameplay the best Nintendo 64 games achieved during the Clinton administration. None of this is said to diminish the systems that came before the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo 64 is the bridge between those earlier, 2-D focused systems, and the high-powered, photo-realistic games of now. This is the reason the Nintendo 64 deserves a place in the highest pantheon of video-gaming system greatness.
The Curator of the Museum welcomes you and hopes you find your visit informative and enjoyable. Watch your step, try not to get lost, and beware the halls at night.

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